Börjar de ta sitt förnuft till fånga?

Saxat från morgonmailet av en Grekisk mäklare…

Politics // Syriza intends to keep Greece in the Eurozone; sets out priorities
During yesterday’s press conference, the leader of left-wing party Syriza highlighted his party’s intention to keep Greece in the Eurozone, adding however that it intends to renegotiate with the EU the replacement of the MoU with a “national plan for reconstruction and growth”. Mr. Tsipras reiterated his belief that the risk of contagion from a potential exit of Greece from the Eurozone is likely to convince EU leaders that the MoU needs to be replaced. Having said that, he also referred to the existence of a Plan B, if negotiations with the EU do not bear fruit, without elaborating further. With regard to Syriza’s program, Mr. Tsipras referred to several priorities including restoring the minimum wage, unemployment benefits and pensions, increasing revenues from direct taxation to the average European level (additional 4% of GDP), reforming the tax regime, stabilizing public expenditure at 44% of GDP etc.

Om GaStan

Ga Stan bloggar här under rubriken "Kortsikt's blogg". GaStan är en medelålders gift man bosatt i Stockholm och verksam i finansbranschen.
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